Cat Themed Jewelry

My pet journey has always been with dogs.  I have always owned dogs and even my career has included the classic canine.  Since the founding of Lisa Welch Designs in 2006, we have pleased many customers with by offering our famous dog-themed jewelry. We have since included horse-themed jewelry. Many of our dog show customers are also horse show customers.  We noticed a great cross over between the two.  It made complete sense to combine the “paw and the hoof” together. Since Lisa Welch Designs started creating trends in the canine and equine world, people have asked me for cat-themed jewelry. Every now and then, I would hear, “Where is the cat?” “How about a cat design?” “How can you have dog and horse-themed jewelry and no cat-themed jewelry?”

cat So, with this in mind, I always knew that cat designs would be on the drawing board. This past year I moved to the country. Once I did, I realized that two cats would be perfect to add to our family pack. After rescuing two black and white tuxedo cats – Liberace and Skunk, I became completely inspired by their feline greatness. I felt moved and energized to create two new cat-themed designs and added them to our Lisa Welch Designs collection. The open cat design pendant showcases the silhouette of an elegant feline. Three dimensional with a satin finish. Trimmed in a high polish round frame. We have two sizes. Large and small. The small version looks really sweet on one of our leather bracelets. The other new pendant coming soon, is the round cat pendant in our Eternity Collection.  A memorial keepsake collection that will be beautifully made for every day wear. I am proud to say that Lisa Welch is for Dogs, Horses and now, “CAT”.