IT’S AUGUST AND TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! Really I mean Doggy Daycare School! Many of my friends hire teenagers during the summer months to pet sit their pooches – now, the young hires are gearing up for the “Back to School” season and will not be able to sit for any length of time. So, I have been asked about Doggie Daycares. I figure one of the best ways to find out about Doggy Daycare centers is to gather information from my Lisa Welch Designs customers who work in a dog related fields; dog related fields such pet sitting, dog walking, dog grooming and dog training. My main question to them is how does a person go about selecting a reputable Doggy Dare care facility?

After speaking with many Lisa Welch Designs customers, I found that there are several key points to consider:

First of all, it was recommended that you ask around town about day care facilities within your area. Reach out to social media such as Facebook. You can also check out the yellow pages and Google to make a list of Doggy Daycare facilities near you. Check all reviews. Look them up on Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau website.
Make your rounds. When visiting a Doggy Daycare facility, use your nose, ears, and eyes. How does the facility smell? How do the dogs and staff sound? Are you comfortable with what you see? This may give you an idea of how the facility operates and managed.
Some things to be aware of:

Staff to dog ratio – is there one facility member for every 15 dogs?
Outdoor areas: Plenty of space to play? Fence and how tall? Is there water and shaded areas? Is the potty area clean?
Are the dogs constantly monitored while outside?
Is the facility large enough for the number of dogs?
How are dogs grouped together?
3. Ask questions about staff and management.

What measures do they use to control unwanted dog behavior?
How are the dogs evaluated before being accepted into the facility?
What are the employee qualifications and training?
How long has the daycare been in business?
Do you use cameras to monitor the dogs and are web cams available to the owner?
How do you handle emergencies?
What is a daily routine for the dogs?
If you are a doggy daycare employee, celebrate Back to School or Back to Doggy Daycare by wearing simple, comfortable Lisa Welch Designs earrings such as Lisa Welch Designs sterling silver dog bone hoops or Lisa Welch Designs petite sterling silver open paw earring. The dog bone ring is another get piece when working with dogs. A low profile ring that is durable and fun to wear.

So, whether you are working at a Doggie Day Care or just dropping off your beloved for his or her first day of school, treat yourself to a great “Back to School” gift. Or as I say, “Back to Drool.”

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