I always say, “If you can’t have fun at a dog show then you can’t have fun anywhere.”  That is my motto.  For the past seven years we have traveled across the country to the AKC dog shows.  We set up our usual “cool and hip” Lisa Welch Designs booth with dramatic black backgrounds, vibrant backdrops and spot light our dazzling jewelry.  We package all purchases nicely and always play great music to groove to.   If you are not sure where we are just look for the “red bags” framing in our 10×10 spot.  You can’t miss us.

Lisa Welch Designs brand has made it’s way from Ohio to Sacramento, CA. From Dog show to Horse Show.  From Vet conference to Groomer Expo.  You name it, we have been there.  We have planted ourselves in many different cities across the US.  You can find our crazy schedule on our website.  We also like to keep our travels posted on FB and Twitter.  That way everyone knows where we are at all times.

Keep checking back to our blog.  We will share great dog and horse stories along with photos and hilarious experiences.  Thanks for DROOLING.

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