image002On May 20, 2006 we were at a “collie” party with a bunch of friends from Houston Collie Rescue and another couple had picked Abby up from a shelter in Houston and brought her to the party. She was about a year old. We ended up bringing her home with us to “foster”. At that time, her name was Honeysuckle. Jeanne couldn’t remember that name and kept calling her Buttercup. Once we got home, it didn’t take long for us to realize that she was going to be a permanent fixture in our lives. Since we didn’t like Buttercup, we decided to change her name to Abigail and since we live in east Texas, everyone has several names for Mom to use when she’s mad, so we named her Honeysuckle Buttercup Abigail Rose.

Abby lived with us through many changes in our “family” of dogs. She was always the “Mom” and bossed the others around making sure everyone knew she was the alpha in charge.

We lost Abby on September 25th 2017. Since she was the last collie in our pack we felt a whole in our hearts and started looking for another collie to fill our home.

As fate would have it, there was another collie in the system with Houston Collie Rescue that was going through heartworm treatment. Once the treatment ended, we brought her to our home for a “meet-n-greet” with the other guys. She was greeted with warm nuzzles and sniffs from everyone and we new immediately that this was a forever visit. This was November 11, 2017 – Veterans Day.

Now this new girl came in with the name of Lady but we thought that wasn’t a good name for a majestic rough collie so we decided to change it to Liberty in honor of Veterans and call her Libby. Of course in keeping with the east Texas ways she needed a another name so we named her Lady Liberty Rose.

The necklace you made for Jeanne represents this continued love we have for Abby and Libby with the representation of a yellow rose of Texas.

Thanks again for this wonderful gift.

Charlie & Jeanne

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